Digital Signage

Now available through Broadcastvision, the Product of the Year award winner from CRN and the Best Award winner from the Commercial Integrator magazine for digital signage hardware, the LG® EzSign TV is an innovation in digital signage that can entertain while maximizing the impact of your message.

Advertisements/club promotions, information, and a live television broadcast can be arranged on the same screen to attract attention and deliver specific messaging to your customers.

Create your own signage content by using your PC and the free EzSign software. Transfer that content by using a USB flash drive and plug it in to the EzSign TV to run content in the form of a billboard - no additional hardware is needed.

Available sizes - 32",37",42",47",55".

Inexpensive, easy to connect and simple to use. Contact us today for more information.

LG & EZSIGN is a registered trademark of LG Electronics, Inc.

Digital Signage