Wireless Entertainment Products

FM Wireless

Purchase this system if you want the user to have an option to listen to the audio from their FM enabled MP3 player or cell phone, personal radio or by plugging in their headphone into a Broadcastvision Receiver. This is an inexpensive way to offer entertainment, good range up to 25,000 square feet. Go FM Wireless →

900 MHz Wireless

Purchase this system if you want a step up in sound quality, the ability to choose from up to 219 channels and allow the user to listen to audio from Broadcastvision receivers or other popular TV receivers attached directly to, or integrated into, the cardio equipment. Go 900 MHz Wireless →


Broadcastvision Entertainment offers 863MHz technology for international use. Our 863MHZ receiver is dual-mode allowing exercisers to enjoy strong local FM radio reception where available. Our 863MHz system provides up to 10 channels to broadcast from. Similar to our other wireless systems, a transmitter is simply connected to a TV or any audio source with an audio out. The transmitter transmits the audio wireless to the Broadcastvision receivers. To listen to the audio, users simply plug their headphones into Broadcastvision stationary receivers that are attached directly to the cardio equipment. Call us today to learn more! Go International →

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