Cable/Satellite/IPTV Universal Controller

This feature was designed for customers who are upgrading to digital TV and are required by the Cable/Satellite/IPTV provider to connect a set top box on each piece of cardio equipment. This is an affordable solution that will allow the user to eliminate the handheld remote control unit provided by the Cable/Satellite/IPTV provider. The Axcess controller is simply connected to the Cable/Satellite/IPTV box and the personal viewing screen. Club owners are spared having to use battery operated, breakage and theft prone handheld remotes.

The AXSPVSC is the only universal controller that allows the user to operate Cable/Satellite Receiver boxes in conjunction with ANY

TV without the need for an additional handheld remote control unit. The user can control the personal viewing screen with just the AXS17TVCX2 universal controller and our new menu guide feature will allow the user to navigate the menu for DIRECTV®, DISH® and Motorola® set top boxes.

The Axcess Universal Controller is compatible with any Cable, Satellite or IPTV set top box.

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Cable/Satellite/IPTV Universal Controller