CAB (Console Adapter Box)

Eliminate Cable, Satellite, IPTV Set Top Box Remote Controls with CAB

Use existing integrated controls on cardio equipment to control Personal Viewing Screens and/or control Cable, Satellite & IPTV set top boxes (STB) without the battery operated remote control.

- Control any Cable, Satellite or IPTV set top box (STB).

- Control set top boxes for Pro:Idiom® and Verimatrix™ decryption.

- Control Broadcastvision personal viewing screens or other TVs using integrated console controls on cardio equipment.

- Use integrated controls to control set top boxes on popular cardio equipment brands including Precor®, Life Fitness®, Matrix®, True® and more.

- Eliminates the hand held battery operated remote control provided by the cable, satellite , IPTV providers.
- Cable, Satellite, IPTV set top boxes can be located at the cardio unit or far away.

- The product is mature and we were the first to bring this solution to market in 2011.

Contact us today for more information. Please note that “other TVs” refers to non-Broadcastvision branded televisions. Additional note: STB stands for set top box and includes cable, satellite, and IPTV set top boxes.

CAB (Console Adapter Box)